uncompromising, hard and full of energy – it’s an authentic yet thrilling guitar rock performed by three guys that are continuously striving for diversity rather than being fixed on some specific style.

it’s fall 2009 when alain schwaller (vox/bass), chris furer (guitars) and boris de roche (drums) join forces in order to seamlessly combine hard guitar riffs with massive bass lines, driving drumbeats and a powerful voice. it’s pure, it’s dynamic and it’s clear that their songs will hit you right in the face. [FROZENROOM] are well known for being a true live act and they are the living proof that you don’t need more than three guys and some instruments in order to seriously kick some ass.

with their impressive debut album „arise“ [FROZENROOM] are now making a loud and a clear statement – these guys are ready to step out of the darkness and into the light. so listen up and catch `em while they arise...

Line up

Boris de Roche
Al Schwaller
Lead vocals & Bass
Chris Furer
Guitar & Backing vocals